It is all about SAND. Sand is like Water. Water is the most precious element in the Desert and Sand the most precious element for your Mind — and you will get a lot of Sand in the book Not Sand, Not Sound [despite the title].

Let me tell you about Water. About Sand you have to take the book.

The Queen of Sheba meeting King Solomon

The narrative given in the Kebra Negast, an ancient compilation of Ethiopian legends, is that King Solomon invited the Queen of Sheba to a banquet, serving spicy food to induce her thirst, and inviting her to stay in his palace overnight. The Queen asked him to swear that he would not take her by force. He accepted upon the condition that she, in turn, would not take anything from his house by force. The Queen assured that she would not, slightly offended by the implication that she, a rich and powerful monarch, would engage in stealing. However, as she woke up in the middle of the night, she was very thirsty. Just as she reached for a jar of water placed close to her bed, King Solomon appeared, warning her that she was breaking her oath, water being the most valuable of all material possessions. Thus, while quenching her thirst, she set the king free from his promise and they spent the night together. ~ Wikipedia

You will meet The Queen. Her name, one of her names to be correct, is Gina, Gina Inviere.

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A book beyond the future. A book in the present. A book based on history. A monument on Linden Lab. A life extracted from the servers of the NGA, The other National Gallery of Art.