This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form. Also email works: info(at)

If you are a homo sensate and you take the offer to buy The Book then be aware you might be asked for a reward. What kind of reward? Let me copy words exchanged in sense8 with “The Guy”:

The Guy: Right now, all we can offer you is a little … invisibilty.

Bug: E-Death?

The Guy: If you accept this offer, there may come a day when we ask something of you. [ hands over an USB stick ]

Nomi Marks: What?

The Guy: Noting venal, vile or vainglorious. Rather a vital vertex of virtue, valor and virtuosity in the name of veracity.

Amanita: Wow. Did you just come up with that yourself?

The Guy: No. There is .. … … it.

If you are able to fill the dots .. … …  then you may secretly contact the author via his invisible email invisible (at) .. … …

That’s the email