A word from the editor

Some people enter the world for a glimpse of what they could be, not for what they are. This glimpse may change them to find a life without limits, a good life, a creative life, a life where the secrets of life get uncovered. This is the life of the author and he shares his life with you. He made mistakes, he could erase them as he is a barman, he can remix the drink, just the drink is software, he is an admin in the server farm at the NGA – The other National Gallery of Art – as Robert Cardillo once called “The Agency.” I said he could erase the mistakes and meet ‘The Bond’ – which might be better to say the ‘B-factor’ – in the simulator, but “how can you learn from mistakes if you erase them?” his owl, an AI, an artificial intelligence, made by Weyland-Tyrell asks him.

The author starts the journey by using the following words:

“I take my pen, I begin to write down my story just as the song ‘Gods and Monsters’ is aired. I hear Lana Del Ray, a voice beyond words. Tears are running down my face. Each word of her song hits me in my bones. Each word! I have to write the book. Gods and Monsters are in my head. I must do.

“Life imitates Art,” she is singing, “No one takes my soul away.” I cry. I hope for this. Some days after my book will be published I will know. I don’t know how many days I will have left then.

For over 40 years I gave All That I Have. I worked for our motto: “Know the Earth, Show the Way, Understand the World.” That’s the official published version.”

 We will witness a trial at the Vatican where the author fights for intellectual property rights on artificial created brains at the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. He will receive a big chunk of the Great Libyan Sand Glass from the Holy See. Was it given so the secrets of the Godsfile are kept inside the machine because the world is not ready for the truth? The decoding of the inclusions of iridium in the Great Sand Glass are showing patterns that are not naturally made. Larry Page got a small shard of Libyan Desert Glass at the Google Sci Foo Camp in 2013. He called it priceless. Since this time he holds a part of the code in hand. Luckily the code is highly redundant. This code has to be as its creation reaches back 28 million years. Now millions of the shards of Glass in the Libyan Desert are broken into pieces of different size and have to be put back together. A mission of a lifetime to dig? Luckily not for the author as he is not a hard worker, he is based in the arts, he is a researcher of the human brain. In his book The Gods of Informatics, written as his memoires, you get his background, enhanced with short experiences he will have in the future. Connecting the past and the future – a contradiction? His unusual ways of thinking make his stories so fascinating. Facts and Fiction become a mix that blows your mind.

In Not Sand Not Sound he brings us to a world of imagination – or are we already thrown into the Digital Anthropocene with a Life inside the computer? Overall, it’s a fun book to read, full of insights about our world and about the future we are heading into. If you enjoy learning things you’ve never heard about, then read this book. You will understand complicated things like “The Halting Theorem” and questions like, “Do Androids dream of electric sheep?” bring new meaning.

At the end of the book reality snaps in, in a moment you think he must have completely lost his senses out in the Libyan Dessert when 4,096 drones came from Ars Electronica, which was financed by Amazon’s AMS service to help him dig. You will be brought to the Museum of Modern Art in New York where one of the author’s computer art works is preserved and the story unfolds to a new dimension of reality….

This book is written for the avantgarde of brains, handing them over some Big Data created for Superior Minds. Though it is not a BDSM book, nevertheless questions of Dominance and Submission are imminent as this leads to questions of Gods and Goddesses. You go on an immersive cerebral journey. Spoken words, pictures and videos made in virtual worlds (machinimas) bring a digital life for the future to act ‘In The Now’. For the pioneers to understand the future, the dominance of digital existence, the extensions of the human life itself, for seekers of ancient truth, like the Great Sand Glass with the inscription for the course of the Mormon spaceship Nauvoo expanding your ways to think – weird, crazy, insane – but for the ones understanding the secret powers of rituals, for extending of Beliefs, it is made to overcome all boundaries. The book looks on first glance to be the insane ramblings of the author, but when you turn the cover, you soon realize it is sane and true, at least all quotes inside I verified and there are a lot.

It is a joy to read the book. I call it ‘creative non-fiction’ but the author insists it is a novel. Maybe it is, at least you will have a good laugh reading it.

When reading, take a pen in hand or maybe it’s better to have also a smartphone with internet access at hand so you get immersed deeper than in any book you’ve ever read.

Your Editor, noob42